Project Summary

It is an eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly project. It was created to develop tourist activity with a modern vision and an inclusive policy, in accordance with our regulations and improving the quality of life of the Andean, Amazonian and Coastal Communities, generating resources for their own development. The project proposes to carry out strategic activities compatible with conservation and sustainable development within a formal framework.

The main objective of the Peru “INKA’SONQO” Cultural Complex and Healing Center is to rescue, preserve, revalue, and disseminate the more than 6,000 Medicinal Plants and the Ancestral Spirituality of the Andean and Amazonian People of Peru.

It obeys the need to assume an order for the best use and sustainable exploitation of ancestral knowledge and wisdom, which represents a great tourist potential for our country which deserves with the speed of the case to be promoted within the framework of national and international regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a policy of protection and conservation of Natural Medicine and Spirituality to avoid its extinction.

The first stage began in the city of Cusco with the opening of the Pachamama Peru Museum at the beginning of 2017. It has more than 250 medicinal plants, master plants and gastronomic products from Peru on display. The biologists who supported the research on medicinal plants were Professors Justo Mantilla Holguín (CBP N ° 3467) and Mario Percy Núñez Vargas (CBP N ° 12056). In addition, the support of different people who are specialists in natural medicine and ancient energy healing techniques.

Currently the museum has the accreditation and recognition of different public institutions of the city of Cusco: Regional Directorate of Production GRC – Official Letter N ° 003-2019-PCC-FN, Cusco Regional Government – Official Letter N ° 039-2019-GR CUSCO / GR, Municipality of Wanchaq – Official Letter N ° 013-2019-DGA-MDW / C, Universidad Alas Peruanas Faculty of Engineering and Architecture – Official Letter N ° 016-2017-EPIA-UAP / CUSCO Headquarters.

The second stage of the project will be developed in the tourist corridor of the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, at the end of year 2022. Peru Cultural Complex and “INKA’SONQO” Healing Center will be built in an area of 7 hectares or 70,000 m2.

Construction will begin with the eight rooms for the “Pachamama Peru” Museum, the “Inti Hampi” Herbarium, the “Ancestral Wisdom” Library, the “Sonqo Pacha” Production Center and the “Maqisonqo” Souvenir Shop and the “Flor de la Vida” Restaurant.

In the third stage, the “Killa” Laboratory, the “You are your Own Master” School of Ancestral Knowledge, the “Hampi Nuna” Ceremonial Temples, the “Hampi Sonqo” House of Natural Medicine will be built.

In the fourth stage, the Ecological Villages “Peru Verde” and the Spa “Vida Saludable” will be built.

Why Will the Project be Successful?

1.- Minor difficulties in finding financing.
– Investor partners.
– Sponsors.
– Donations.
– Benefactors.

2.- Its main objective is to rescue, revalue, preserve, and disseminate the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of the more than 6,000 Medicinal Plants of Peru and the Ancestral Andean Spirituality.

3.- It is an ecological and friendly project with the environment.

4.- It improves the quality of life of the direct and indirect participants of the 8 Natural Regions of Peru.

5.- It is a necessity in the market because more and more people in the world are turning to natural medicine and spirituality.

6.- It is a tourist complex of living culture located on the tourist route of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

7.- Repopulation of ancestral crops:

Native medicinal plants.

8.- Unique innovative project in Peru.

9.- It will work together with public institutions related to tourism and culture to give the project the importance and dissemination it deserves at the national and international level.

10.- Museum with the exhibition of more than 6,000 medicinal master plants, and gastronomic products from the 8 regions of Peru.